Hammer stone Beige 20 mm thick Outdoor tile 60×60 cm

Original price was: AED70.Current price is: AED65.

Somer Stone Light Grey 20 mm thick Outdoor tile 60×60 cm

Original price was: AED70.Current price is: AED65.

Grave Silver Grey 20 mm thick Outdoor tile 60×60 cm

Original price was: AED70.Current price is: AED65.

The strogest of outdoor tiles for all your outdoor flooring requirements like walkways,deriveways,flooring around the pool,Garden decks,Terrace flooring etc..

Product – Outdoor floor tile

Material – Porcelain

Style – Grave Silver Grey

Size – 60×60 cm

Thickness – 20 mm

Surface finish – Non-slip R11 Grade

Use – Outdoor/Landscape

  • Listed price for 1 Sq. Mtr
  • 1 tile 0.72 Sq. Mtr
  • Delivery charges apply for this product.To know the exact chrges for your delivery location, Please contact us 

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Grave Silver Grey 20 mm thick Outdoor tile 60×60 cm

our Porcelain Outdoor Tiles in a robust 20 mm thickness—a versatile and durable solution designed to elevate outdoor spaces with style and resilience. Whether you’re creating a stunning poolside area, enhancing your garden landscaping, designing walkways, or upgrading driveways, these outdoor tiles are engineered to meet the demands of various outdoor applications.

Robust 20 mm Thickness: Our Porcelain Outdoor Tiles boast a substantial 20 mm thickness, providing strength and durability suitable for a range of outdoor environments. This thickness ensures that the tiles can withstand the rigors of outdoor use, including heavy foot traffic, poolside activities, and the weight of vehicles in driveways.

Versatile Outdoor Applications: Create a cohesive and stylish outdoor space with these tiles that are perfect for a variety of applications. From pool surrounds to garden landscapes, walkways, and driveways, our Porcelain Outdoor Tiles are a versatile choice for transforming various outdoor areas with a unified and aesthetically pleasing look.

Slip-Resistant Surface: Safety is a top priority, especially around pool areas. Our outdoor tiles feature a slip-resistant surface, providing a secure footing even when wet. This ensures a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience for you, your family, and guests.

Fade-Resistant and Weatherproof: Designed to withstand the elements, our Porcelain Outdoor Tiles are resistant to fading, ensuring that the vibrant colors and patterns remain intact over time. These tiles are also weatherproof, making them an ideal choice for outdoor use in diverse climates.

Low Maintenance: Simplify outdoor upkeep with our low-maintenance Porcelain Outdoor Tiles. Resistant to stains and easy to clean, these tiles allow you to spend more time enjoying your outdoor spaces and less time on maintenance tasks.

Modern Aesthetics: Upgrade the visual appeal of your outdoor areas with the modern aesthetics of our Porcelain Outdoor Tiles. Available in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns, these tiles add a touch of sophistication and style to your outdoor living spaces.

Transform your outdoor areas into stylish and resilient spaces with our Porcelain Outdoor Tiles in a sturdy 20 mm thickness. Whether you’re planning a poolside retreat, revamping your garden, or creating durable walkways and driveways, these tiles are the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics for your outdoor projects.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 2 cm

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