Composite Decking – WPC Decking planks


WPC Decking 14×290 cm /HBTY25 Composite decking planks


WPC Decking 14×290 cm /HBQ24B Composite decking planks


Product – WPC Decking plank

Colour code – HBQ24B

Colour – Brown

Type – Semi-solid(Round holes)

Dimensions – 14 x 290 cm

Thickness – 24 mm

Price unit – Per Sq.Mtr

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WPC Decking 14×290 cm /HBQ24B Composite decking planks

Introducing our WPC Decking Planks in a versatile 14×290 cm size—a perfect blend of aesthetics and durability for your outdoor spaces. Crafted with precision and designed for easy installation, these planks offer a modern solution that combines the natural appeal of wood with the low maintenance and resilience of WPC (Wood Plastic Composite).

Natural Wood Aesthetics: Our WPC Decking Planks bring the timeless beauty of wood to your outdoor environment. The authentic wood grain texture and rich tones provide an inviting and warm atmosphere, creating an outdoor space that’s both stylish and welcoming.

Versatile Size: The 14×290 cm dimensions of these planks strike a balance between modern design and practicality. The wide planks offer a contemporary look while minimizing the number of joints, resulting in a sleek and seamless appearance for your deck.

Durable WPC Composition:

Crafted with a blend of wood fibers and high-quality plastic, our WPC Decking Planks are designed to withstand the elements. The composite material ensures durability, resistance to decay, and protection against common issues associated with natural wood, such as rot and insect damage.

Easy Installation:

Designed for hassle-free installation, these planks feature a user-friendly design that simplifies the decking process. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or working with professionals, the easy-to-install nature of our WPC Decking Planks saves time and effort.

Low Maintenance:

Say goodbye to the routine maintenance tasks associated with traditional wood decking. Our WPC planks require minimal upkeep, as they resist fading, staining, and warping. Enjoy your outdoor space without the constant need for staining or sealing.

Environmentally Friendly:

Opt for an eco-conscious choice with our WPC Decking Planks. The use of recycled materials in the composite ensures a sustainable option for your decking needs, contributing to a more environmentally friendly outdoor space.

Upgrade your outdoor living experience with the perfect combination of natural aesthetics and modern durability. Our WPC Decking Planks in the 14×290 cm size provide a stylish and resilient solution for creating a beautiful deck that stands the test of time. Embrace the warmth of wood without the maintenance hassles—transform your outdoor space into a haven of comfort and style with our WPC Decking Planks.

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 290 × 14 × 2,4 cm

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